Thursday, September 13, 2007

Week 9, Thing 23

This experience was hard for me - esp. to find the time to sit down and just do it. I have learned a few useful tools like LibraryThing and I love YouTube. So, even though it has been tough, I'm glad I did it and I'm glad it's over.

Week Nine, Thing 22

I know our customers love the CD audiobooks and I think they will start to like being able to download books to their MP3 players too - especially as MP3s become more and more popular.

Week Nine, Thing 21

I have an MP3 player and I'm still not sure how to download I don't think I'll be downloading any podcasts. Yahoo podcasts have lots of different topics - I even found a podcast about knitting. I could see where this might help a patron who wanted to learn something and needed some audio to help.

Week Nine, Thing 20

Here is my YouTube video:

Week Eight, Thing 19

I went into Pipl - People Search. I think it is a neat tool - but now you can't hide from anybody anymore!

Week Eight, Thing 18

I created a ZoHo account - here is a link to my document:

I like that you can create documents online and share them - just not sure how I will use this on a daily basis.

Week Seven, THing 17

I posted my blog under "Favorite Blogs" - I hope that worked.